1. Russian Emirates Magazine featuring Sophy G. - 2018

    Russian Emirates Magazine featuring Sophy G. - 2018
    Fashion Debut - New Designers You Should Know In the evolution of the brand Sophy G., our designs project upmost quality, elegance, beauty and power in a feminine form. Be sure to checkout a personal interview in the May-June issue of Russian Emirates Magazine. Pick up your copy today. Except from the article - Translated via Google: RE: Natalia, how...
  2. First Fashion Club with designer Sophy G. - Dubai, UAE

     Fashion Talks with fashion designer Sophy G. First Fashion Club "Fashion Talks with Sophy" opens its doors on May 8th in Dubai, UAE at the luxury Retreat Palm Dubai. The first fashion club meeting of its kind in Dubai is a unique avenue for every lady, especially the fashion lovers, with an opportunity to come together to socialize, and...

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