Hello Fashion World! You can click on any of my dresses or gowns in any ME photo or video and get instance access to purchase.

Also, be on the look out for custom one-of-a-kind accessories.

Sophy G. dresses are typically decorated with natural pearls, embroidery and semiprecious stones. The creative director of the brand, usually attempts to find rare laces, from which unique fabric can be created. Pleating is not done by machine work, but rather by using traditional techniques which are based on laying out of the fabric in the sort of mold that is used by the leading fashion brands.

Each Sophy G collection contains many handmade details: flowers, brooches and belts that can be removed from the outfit to make it look more casual and fit for everyday wear.

Enjoy our interactive experience, and let us help you create your perfect masterpiece.

~ Natalia Gorbatyuk, CEO

Sophy G.