Fashion Debut - New Designers You Should Know

In the evolution of the brand Sophy G., our designs project upmost quality, elegance, beauty and power in a feminine form.

Be sure to checkout a personal interview in the May-June issue of Russian Emirates Magazine. Pick up your copy today.

Except from the article - Translated via Google:

RE: Natalia, how did the idea of ​​your brand come about?

Natalia: Since our business was very closely connected with Italy from the very beginning, we thoroughly studied the technologies that are used to sew the first lines of Gucci, Dior, Francesco Scognamiglio, Versace and other brands in the best factories in Bergamo, Northern Italy.

There are a number of very high standards that must be observed. This technology and processing of the seam, and the ability to work with delicate tissues. Only an experienced seamstress after 10-15 years of practice stuffs the hand to such an extent that it can perform work from start to finish.

This is a whole science! We studied these standards, gained knowledge and created our own couture atelier, selecting highly professional cadres.

One of our cutters, for example, worked for a long time in the Fashion House of Glory Zaitsev and made patterns for her secret formulas, which she did not tell anyone. For many years we asked her to reveal the secret, but she always answered: "Then I'll share, I'm not going to die yet." After all, what is a couture dress? ...